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Pizarro, Francisco

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Francisco Pizarro González, marqués de los Atabillos (1471– J1541) was a Spanish conquistador. Today, he is known as the conqueror of the Inca Empire. He also founded Lima, La Ciudad de los Reyes, capital of Peru.


In 1528 he returned to Spain, where the king allowed him to conquer the new land for Spain. Pizarro himself was to be named governor of Peru. In 1531 he landed in Peru for a second time, leading fewer than 300 soldiers. The country was devastated by a recent civil war between Atahualpa and Huascar, the sons of the dead emperor. In November 1532, Pizarro met Atahualpa in the city of Cajamarca and managed to capture him, even though the Inca was protected by thousands of soldiers. The weapons of the Spaniards proved superior. In 1533, after paying a huge ransom for his release, Atahualpa requested to be let free but Pizarro killed him anyway. He then continued south into Peru and captured the capital of Cuzco.


In 1535, Pizarro founded a new capital named La Ciudad the los Reyes, today known as Lima.


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