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Welcome to Samal's WHAP wiki



Unit 0 - Foundations (Not on AP Test)

Unit 1 Global Tapestry


  Unit 2 Networks of Exchange 

UNIT 3 Land Based Empires c. 1450-1750



Unit 4 Transoceanic Interactions 

Unit 5 Revolutions


UNIT 6 Consequences of Industrialization


Unit 7 Global Conflict


UNIT 8 Cold War and Decolonization


UNIT 9 Globalization   c. 1900 to the present


Themes of History


Region - Map


Africa - Sub-Saharan Africa 





Other Geography Terms to Know


Glossary of History Related Terms




Samal's Review Timeline Page


Global Age - 1450-1750


Current Era - 1900 - 2010













UNIT 9 Globalization   c.1900 to the present

TOPIC 9.1 Advances in Technology and Exchange After 1900


9.3 Technological Advance: Debates About the Environment After 1900


Governance  GOV

A variety of internal and external factors contribute to state formation, expansion, and decline. Governments maintain order through a variety of administrative institutions, policies, and procedures, and governments obtain, retain, and exercise power in different ways and for different 

TOPIC 8.1 Advances in Technology and Exchange After 1900

TOPIC 8.7 Global Resistance to Established Power Structures after 1900

UNIT 6 Consequences of Industrialization


TOPIC 4.6 Internal & External Challenges to State Power

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